Poetry Assignment coming home

Greetings parents

Periodically throughout your child’s time here at Jefferson, I will be sending home assignments, homework, and news items for you to review. These assignments are your child’s chance to perform for you and share with you what we are doing in music class. They should take only minutes to complete, but are a valuable way for them to practice concepts

This week you should see a paper come home from me with four poems on it. These are poems that we will be using and working with for the next 5 years in music class. Please take a moment to read the letter and then have your child say all four poems for you. When finished, please sign the bottom and return the paper with your child to school.

I have attached a copy of the assignment to this email if you do not see it come home. Print it off, sign it and send it back with your child. There is also a copy of this assignment and other on the music website http://bit.ly/ZCLn9C

If you ever have questions, please feel free to contact me directly. Email is the best way to get in touch with me paul.weller@anokak.12.mn.us but you may also call me and leave a message 763-506-2968

poetry asignment.pdf