Melodic composition assignment

Parents –
You should see a music assignment come home this week. This assignment was a chance for your child to write their own melodic composition using the known pitches of High and Low (later to be sol and mi). Students were asked to sing the entire 16 beats in their mind before writing it down. They were then asked to sing each measure to Mr. Weller, and finally place the song onto the music staff. This was a review of concepts from the last 4 years and is being used as a diagnostic assessment this year.

Before you sign the paper, please have your child:
– clap & say the rhythm with rhythm language (du & du-day)
– name the notes (quarter note, 8th notes, etc)
– Sing the song using hand signs and a singing voice (more air) – make sure ALL the work looks complete.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I have attached the assignment to this email in case you don’t see it come home or you would like extra practice for your child.