Free Sing Along Concert in Blaine with the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies

This weekend there is a free orchestra concert being held at Blaine High School. This is a fabulous opportunity for our students to hear other kids playing some amazing music.

Sunday March 4 at 6pm
Blaine High school
One hour concert.

Here’s a short video about the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphony

GTCYS and Music Together Concert.pdf

Rhythm composition coming home (compound meter)

You should see a rhythmic composition come home today or next week. We just got done learning about compound meter (6/8) which feels much different than the meter we have been writing and reading previously. Meter is how the music feels and makes us move. For compound meter, it feels like you are skipping!

Please take a moment to look over the work, have your child tell you about it, and then perform it. Please sign it and return it to the music room for credit when you are done.

Rhythm – Compound meter.pdf