Turning in Homework

When your Student turns in their homework this year, they will need to make sure it gets in the correct folder for their class. Please go over this with your child before you send the work back to school with them. It is VERY important that they place it in the correct folder to receive credit for their work. See the Photos below for an example of what this looks like. Thanks!!

Homework coming home!

Greetings and welcome back to another year at Jefferson!
Today or monday you should see a homework assignment come home from the music room. This is a rhythm composition assignment where students needed to use previously learned information to complete. It is being used as a diagnostic assessment.

1. have your child perform it for you with light claps and rhythm language
2. sign the paper
3. make sure your student returns it to the music room for credit.

Thanks so much for your help with instruction reinforcement at home. Even this small chance to perform what they have written for you at home make a big impact.

I am also attaching a copy of the assessment to this email in case you do not see it come home. Please let me know if you have any questions.

rhythm-half note (review).pdf